It only seems right that I begin this blog space with a post about travel, seeing as I have just relocated to the sun-drenched UK from my home in Australia.

Travel. The idea of seeing the world and gaining an insight into the culture, diversity and lives of the varied societies and environments you expose yourself to. While this is no Oxford Dictionary definition, it sums up what travelling means to me.

Travel is leaving everything behind as you venture into the unknown.

It is a leap of faith.

It is asking you to blindly step off of a ledge. Now, you’ve read about stairs and you know that they exist but you cannot know for sure if you are stepping onto oneā€¦

While plenty of people undertake hours of research into their given destination, you cannot truly know what awaits you. Your experience may be completely different from the next persons.

The demands imposed upon you when you are travelling, as well as what you see and experience, changes how you look at the world around you. You may come back a different person. It changes your ideologies, your perceptions of human nature. It changes how you view the relationships and priorities in your life.

But this is a good thing.

Experiences should change you, even in the most subtle ways. Travel should highlight what is important to you and give you the drive to move forward, in your career, passions, and interests.

I believe this is the purpose of “travel”. To gain knowledge and experience, which in turn can help create a life that moves in the direction that you want it to go. It teaches you to enjoy the journey.


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