Building community is a sure way to cultivate connection between humans.

It’s only when you step outside the front door, look back and observe, that you can see the impact that a “community” can have.

The power that is holds.

Of having a tribe to belong to. Where you can come in, be greeted with a fist bump and a smile, and all pursue a common thing. What the thing is doesn’t really matter; sport, music, art, school or work.

The ingredients for a thriving community include acceptance, love, joy, intent, engagement and a desire to pursue that thing.

When you create a space for people to come together, where they feel a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, you are building community.

It is immensely rewarding to see people invest in themselves.

Then, they begin giving back and investing in others.

It reminds me that the impact we can have on people transcends the service or tangible product that we actually offer.

Go beyond where you think your value is. Often it isn’t where you think.

Where the value really lies…

Is in creating a culture of belonging.

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