Collaboration, not Competition.

It is so much more effective to be in collaboration, rather than competition with others.

When has gold ever been found when you are all fighting over the same scrap of dirt?

The pursuit of success, whatever that looks like for an individual, will always involve others chasing the same thing. They will not be on the same path, the end goal won’t be identical, but we still find each other moving in the same direction. We are on parallel paths.

It may seem inevitable that at some point your paths will cross. You can see them working in parallel and you see their success (or at least their version of it). And this may feel threatening.

Yet, what if instead of feeling threatened, and potentially attempting sabotage, we worked together? We tried working for each other? What if we helped one another overcome our individual challenges?

See, when we collaborate, we are not giving our “competitors” the secret sauce. We are not giving them an advantage that they will use over us.  We are facilitating contribution toward something that is bigger than our individual pursuit.

If we are truly invested in our vision of making a positive impact, shouldn’t we help to empower others in making their own impact?

A different perspective allows us to broaden the influence that we can have. Through this different insight, we will find potential solutions to problems that have eluded us before. Solutions that can change the landscape of the path we’re on.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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