High Quality Connections.

Let’s cultivate high quality connections by facilitating high quality communication.

We live in an era of accessibility. With the rise of technology and the internet, we are presented with an endless stream of information. Social media in particular allows for this.

I believe that it is inherently a good thing. We have the capability to come up with answers to questions that we previously didn’t even know to ask. The development of technology that has infinite potential is accelerating. We are living far better lives than our ancestors.

However, all this information is noisy.

With so much data and information coming at us from a million sources, it is hard for us to filter what’s important. What information is right and what is wrong? Who should I be listening to? What platforms or blogs should I subscribe to?

It is also difficult when we feel that we have something to say. When we begin speaking, it is just more noise being added to the existing thrum.

So we speak louder, in an attempt to be heard. Still no luck. So we either raise our voices further, or we remain silent and choose our moments.

We simply want someone to listen to what we have to say, so we speak whenever there’s an opportunity. Even if we don’t really have anything to say. We end up speaking for the sake of it.

Thus, because there’s so much noise, the quality of what we’re saying decreases. As a result, the quality of our interactions also decreases.

There is a negative feedback loop that is affecting our ability to communicate effectively.

So rather than shouting, let’s practice being quiet.

And instead of just hearing, let’s actively listen and be present.

Show empathy and authenticity in our connection. And cut through the noise.

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