It’s for Me.

The practice of writing, of creating, is for me.

Sorry. A little selfish I know. But let me explain.

By writing and designing this platform, I open a dialogue with myself. It initiates a conversation. A conversation that encourages me to stop, observe and express my thoughts.

This is a space where I can explore ideas and articulate concepts or observations. Through this practice, or habit, I will slowly learn to improve how I communicate; to myself and through the power of the written word.

If others gain value, by reading and  following along, that is great. Because this is the beginning of impact. It is the rolling of thunder before the storm.

Yet, it is not specifically the purpose of this blog.

These are the building blocks of what could become a body of work that might be useful. To myself, to you, to the world. I’m simply laying the foundations.

For now, it is a practice for me. Exposing myself to you, the reader, and your feedback will increase the meaning that this can bring. And it will help me improve.

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