The way we communicate is often ineffective.

The language, the intent or the message can be lost or misunderstood if we do not put ourselves on the other end of the conversation.

It doesn’t matter what is said, what matters is what’s heard.

We need to communicate on a level that is easy to understand. If the language is too complex or abstract, simplify it. Make it more grounded. Speak on a level that is impossible to misunderstand.

Don’t overcomplicate things. It is difficult enough to be heard amidst the noise. Make it easier for people. There is a time and place for complexity and ambiguity. However, when we are attempting to convey meaning, we must be transparent.

“We should not speak so that it is possible for our audience to understand us, but so that it is impossible for them to misunderstand.”

// Marcus Fabius Quintilianus
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