Don’t Deny Evolution.

Humans crave connection.

Throughout the existence of our species, we have physically interacted with one another. Our survival depended on our ability to create relationships with others in our tribe. If we didn’t, we would be cast out. Alone and with little chance of survival.

To survive, we had to build and cultivate connection.

However, with the advent of social media, this is changing. It is an artificial platform for socialising. We replicate real-life interactions through a screen.

It is disrupting our natural, instinctual behaviour of face-to-face communication.

Our ability to socialise with other individuals and groups is deteriorating. We feel anxious when we aren’t plugged in. We withdraw from social engagements in favour of checking our feed to see what others are up to.

FOMO is real.

Yet, humans are social creatures. We need connection and REAL interactions. We need empathy and intent when we talk with others. We need to listen. We need to give and receive.

To deny this, is to deny millions of years of evolution.

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