Sometimes I crave silence. Internally, I embrace some relief from the external noise.

The world is filled with information. Information that individuals, companies, governments and our environment is screaming to tell us.

Some information we need. If we stray out of our lane whilst driving, we get some pretty quick feedback to get back into our lane (in the form of a honk). When we stub our toe, pain receptors send our brain an electronic signal that lets us know about it.

However, there is other information which we don’t need. Which is unnecessary. I don’t want or need to know who the latest and greatest “influencer” is. I don’t need to know about the newest technological gadget released by XYZ. Unless I seek something out that is specific to my own needs, I’m not interested.

Therefore, when there is nothing demanding my attention, I savour the silence.

I seek it out.

I close my eyes, take a breath, sit quietly and simply be… Silence.

It’s a practice that is becoming increasingly valuable to me. And I am excited to see the awareness that comes from simply taking time to be still.

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