Asking (Better) Questions…

How have my past experiences led me to where I am today?

What are the choices that I made that have put me on this path? And what led me to make these decisions?

What was I doing at the time? Where was I? Who was I with? How was I feeling?

Was I happy?

Asking better questions and following a deeper line of inquiry will help us develop a better understanding of ourselves and those we interact with.

So why shouldn’t we ask deeper questions?

I think (actually, I’m pretty certain I know) that the answer is fear.

We seem afraid to ask deep questions. We stay shallow. We wade around where we are comfortable and safe. We shy away from the deeper, unknown areas.

But here’s the thing… We shouldn’t shy away from the deeper part of of the cave.

We should stride forward, square our shoulders and face the unknown. Because that is where we uncover value.

The cave you most fear to enter hold the treasure you seek.

// Joseph Campbell
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