High Priority Actions.

If you don’t fill your day with high priority actions, it will be filled for you with low priority distractions.

// John Demartini

Fill your day (and therefore, your life) with meaningful things. Things that light you up. That fill you with energy.

Things that contribute value to you and your tribe. That help make the world a better place.

Things move you toward your vision. You goals.

If you don’t act in sync with your values, you won’t be doing things that serve you. If you don’t prioritise tasks that move you in the direction that you want o go, you time will be allocated for you. With meaningless actions. With other people’s priorities that are moving them toward their dream. This will also delay you in reaching yours.

When you move through your day, do you give priority to things that serve you first? Do they bring you joy?

We must be intentional and deliberate with what we fill our time with.

If you are unsure if the things you fill your time with are really serving you, write a list. Write down all the things you want or need to do. For each one, ask yourself whether pursuing it will help you reach your vision. Is it moving you in the direction that you want to go.

If no, eliminate it.

If yes, get after it.

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