Why We Should Care.

Why should we care?

Why should we invest in ourselves?

Why should we pour our time and energy into pursuing greater things?

It would be so much easier not to. It’s easy to step back and leave it to someone else. To sit on the sidelines and watch, rather than participate.

We come up with excuses why we shouldn’t care;

We tell ourselves that we might fail or get hurt. Or that it’s not our job.

“Let’s just worry about ourselves, and leave all that world-shattering, ground-breaking stuff to those better suited. Those who are ready, more capable or more willing.”

But, how do we expect to move forward, to progress, unless we put ourselves out there?

We have to care.

We have to expose ourselves to risk in order to make a difference. Vulnerability is hard. There’s no doubt about it. It requires courage and willingness. It requires us to expose sides of ourselves that would otherwise remain hidden.

If we didn’t do this, the potential that we have within us would remain undiscovered.

That which we are capable of would be wasted.

And, to me, that is unacceptable.

It would be a disservice to ourselves and those we serve not to care. Not to access that potential and make an impact. We should search for fulfilment and we should chase dreams that seem impossible.

Because when you break it down, and when you commit to actually chasing it, it’s not impossible.

If you truly committed to something, whatever it is, and trusted in the process, knowing that it will be hard, knowing that there is a chance of failure, knowing that you are on the hook…

What would you achieve?

Would you care then?

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