Creating and allowing space for ourselves is important.

“Space” can be thought of as time, the physical environment (i.e. less “noisy”) or our mental perspective. We need it to facilitate the process of creating.

Whether is is developing our own capacity, the creative process of making something or space to do deep work.

We need space to practice awareness, of our internal and external environment.

Giving ourselves this space can be difficult. When there is a hundred other things demanding our attention, it is hard to detach from it. It is hard to let go and give ourself some breathing room.

Space allows us to be present and focus on a single thing. Even if that thing is to simply be. Or to sit, breathe and notice.

Rather than filling our time with things that don’t serve us, filling our environment with noise and maintaining a narrow perspective…

Allow for space.

Space to notice, breathe, create, think, listen and be present.

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