Change is risky. And therefore, change is scary.

We have to move through tension when we desire change. It’s not easy.

When we desire change it is for the purpose of obtaining a different outcome to the one we are already getting. For something to change, we either need to adapt our behaviour or consciously manipulate our environment.

For example, we are currently going through a change in our operating system and CRM at Virtus. The reason we decided to go through this change was to seek a different outcome from our processes. With this new system, we’ve increased our capabilities, and we are able to offer a better experience for our clients.

However, there will be a period of friction as everyone (staff and clients) adopt this new system. There will be a week or two of tension for everyone before we get the hang of it. Before we adjust to this “new normal”.

What we need is willingness and trust in the process.

And a commitment to seeing it through.

Change will always be hard. But if we persevere and commit to it, there will be a positive outcome at the end. And along the way, our perspective will have shifted.

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