Be Where Your Feet Are.

It’s so easy to forget to be “present”.

To give attention to those we spend time with, to ourselves when we are alone and to our surrounding environment.

“Be Present” was my mantra for 2018. It was something that I wrote down every single day in my journal. As a constant reminder to pay attention to the present moment. To appreciate where I was, who I was with and what I was doing.

To foster connection.

It is something that I still need to remind myself to do. We know that it is good for us. That we feel good when we have a meaningful conversation with another, or when we just stop, look around and appreciate nature. Yet, we forget.

When we stop, look up from our phone and commit yourself to the present moment, we are cultivating respect. For ourselves, those we are with and for the world around us.

If you find it difficult to just “be”, start small. Sit for 10 minutes with no purpose other than just to be present. Be attentive to what is going on in the moment. To what is going on within you and everything else around you.

Just be where your feet are.

P.S. there is a great TED talk on this by Alan Stein. Give it a listen.

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