Evolution occurs when we are exposed to the edge of our current capabilities. As soon as we attempt to exceed that capability, we must adapt or perish.

Evolution occurs in the presence of stress. When homeostasis (or equilibrium) is disrupted, or when we are pushed to overcome a stimulus, there must be adaptation. There must be a change to the system.

This happens on a developmental level and a biological one. And it isn’t just confined to the human system; it happens in business, in economics and in nature.

Any ecosystem that is exposed to a stimulus which challenges the system’s current capacity, is forced to evolve.

For example…

If we are in the gym and we stick a 100kg barbell on our back, we quickly find out whether it is within our current capability to perform a squat under this load.

If it is, we perform the movement successfully. If it is not we must adapt.

We need to expose ourselves to stimuli (i.e. training) to undergo change. To accommodate this extra weight, we must become stronger. We must exceed our current capacity and become a different version of ourself.

But here’s the thing:

If we don’t push our edges, we will stagnate. We will stay the same. This will mean that our potential will go unrealised. It will stay hidden. We won’t know whether we could perform that 100kg squat.

We won’t be able to make our greatest contribution.

We owe it to the universe and to ourselves to seek out our greatest evolution. To seek what we can become and the impact that we can make.

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