Our search for perfectionism has the potential to stop us in our tracks.

When we are trying to put something out to the world, when we put ourselves into vulnerability, we want it to be perfect. Of course we do! Anything less than perfect would come under criticism, no one will like it and it will be embarrassing. Right?

We want everyone to see a thing that is flawless. That is exactly how we pictured it in our heads. Where there is nothing more that we could add to improve it.

Yet, as a result, we don’t release it to the world. In our pursuit of something perfect, we delay in pressing the red button.

The world misses out on what we have to offer.

And that is the tragedy.

That we withhold the thing that would lead us to fulfilment.

It’s not about settling for mediocrity.

Mediocrity is unacceptable. It is for me and should be for you.

It’s about chasing progress.

Anything that is unique and can add some sort of value to yourself and the world is progress. Toward something that looks like perfect. We may never reach it, but that’s just it.

And in the pursuit of progress, our idea of what perfect is will change.

So don’t seek perfection. Seek progress.

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