Deep Work.

I have committed to completing 2 blocks of deep work every day.

Doing deep work is our ability to do focused, uninterrupted work for extended periods of time.

It requires you to remove low-quality distractions and dive into something meaningful.

It is being effective.

It’s tough. Yet, when you commit to it, you get a lot done.

You contribute toward building a body of work.

In my experience, I’ve found that the best way for me to do this is to put myself in an environment that will facilitate this deep work. Rather than rely on my willpower (which is limited), I intentionally design the environment around me to remove distractions.

For me, I work best when:

  • I work in 90 minute blocks.
  • I am in a comfortable spot by myself. I am not necessarily alone, but those around me know I am working.
  • I have my headphones in, with ambient music playing (hit me up for playlists).
  • A drink of some kind (i.e. coffee, water or tea).
  • My phone is on “Do Not Disturb” or in my bag.
  • Notifications on my laptop are turned off.
  • There is lots of natural light, and the temperature is comfortable.
  • Every half an hour or so I stretch my legs and walk around.

I have found that this is the environment that I need to create my body of work.

What does “deep work” look like for you?

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