Does It Add Value?

Is the thing that we are doing or the thing that is on offer add value to our tribe?

Is it enhancing the experience of the user? Is it making their life better or easier?

Is it packaged in a way that communicates that value? Are we clearly telling that the value is?

Is it doing the thing it’s designed to do?

If the answer to any of these questions are no, we need to re-think our tactics.

Even with positive intent, we will not be able to make the impact that we want if our approach is not effective. We won’t be able to reach the people who could benefit, and they may not understand what is actually on offer.

Our product or core competency must be adding some sort of value. It must contribute something different or new toward what is already out there.

It must be unique. It must be useful. It must be something that people will care about.

It must solve a problem.

Otherwise its just noise. It just adds more stuff to a market that is already full of alternatives.

If we don’t know what the value of our thing is, how can we communicate that to our tribe?

We need clarity around what we offer and clarity on what it can do for our tribe.

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