Seek Out Remarkability.

We are all just trying to figure it out.

No-one, as well put together as some may seem, has the answer. Nobody has the secret to a successful, fulfilling life. Nobody can tell you which direction you should move in and what opportunities to pursue.

That is our responsibility. As soon as we take ownership of our life and the consequences of our actions, our choices hold a little more weight.

We are presented with choices every day.

We reach forks in the road; do we take the left path or the right?

Each day we must make the choice to get up and do the work. It’s far easier not to. I don’t need to tell you that it’s a lot easier to take yourself off the hook and leave it to someone else.

We have the option to settle for mediocrity, or we can pursue remarkability.

It’s risky. It’s tough. It’s scary.

There are days when I would prefer stay in bed rather than get up and face the challenges that I know will be there. And they will always be there.

But that is what will make us remarkable. When we willingly face adversity. Front on with a smile on our face. Because we know that every time we choose to show up and make a choice, we are choosing to be among the few.

The few who are defining their own destiny.

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