Down the Rabbit Hole.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Do you even want to dive in?

You know that there will be something down there, you’re just uncertain of what it looks like. You’re not even sure which hole the rabbit has dived into. Was it this one, or the one down the road a bit?

Either way, you won’t know unless you take chase.

To pursue the rabbit, you need willingness and the seeds of courage.

The uncertainty will always be there. The possibility that you will find something unexpected.

But that’s kind of the point.

By taking the plunge, you are vulnerably exposing your edges. The edges of what you know and who you are.

What you uncover will be scary. There’s an element of the unknown. It’s foreign, because you haven’t been to that place before. And the further down you go, the more uncomfortable you will get. And the more you uncover.

So, whilst chasing the rabbit, you learn about yourself and your capacity. You learn where you’re currently at and how much space there is to grow into.

As you go deeper into the hole, you realise how deep and how wide it really is. So while it is scary, it’s also exciting.

You realise that there’s potential.

The rabbit might be a step ahead, but you are deliberately in pursuit.

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