Systems of Living.

A system is a process, structure or framework designed to facilitate a desired function or outcome.

Every day, we operate according to the systems of living that have been developed over time. We follow a process in our day to day to lives to achieve certain outcomes. We have these systems in place at work, at home, in the gym, in our relationships and in our daily routines. These patterns of behaviour facilitate how we move through the world.

They determine success in our daily pursuits.

When we are not able to overcome adversity or are not operating at our full capacity, we need to upgrade our operating system.

We don’t do this by finding that latest “hack” or trick to get more done or to feel more productive…

We do it by optimising the systems that are currently in place.

The trap that we sometimes fall into is accepting that our systems cannot change. That no matter how hard we try, we are already at our peak. This is known as a fixed mindset.

When we adopt a growth mindset, we can upgrade our system of living. We can achieve greater performance by constantly seeking improvement.

We can get started with this process by becoming aware of patterns in our behaviour.

For example, think back to your first hour of the day. What does this look like? Are we optimising our time in the morning and setting ourselves up for success in the day? How can we improve this process?

By facilitating change in our routines, by upgrading our systems, we can begin to achieve more, be more effective with our time and have more fun.

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