What Are We Willing To Accept?

There are things that we need to accept. Sometimes we cannot change an outcome or the way things are done, as much as we want to. There are things that we have to accept as truths.

Yet, often we have a choice. To accept what is, or ask “what if?”

Routine and social status dictate the way we should interact with the world. What is acceptable or not is already defined for us. Therefore, it requires courage and vulnerability to challenge the current norm.

If we see behaviour in ourselves or others, or even an outcome, that is unacceptable (to our standards), why should we accept it as “normal” or “ok”?

The way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.

Mediocrity is something that we should not accept. In words, actions or intentions, settling for something that is less than your best is not acceptable. It’s not for me and shouldn’t be for you. The way we conduct ourselves speaks to our integrity and impeccability.

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