Developing a Team of Leaders.

Creating a team or organisation of leaders, means that you, as their leader, must convince them to go with you.

Not to follow. But to go with.

That is an important distinction.

Of course, a leader is someone who sets an example and, in that sense, leads from the front. They set the tone of the organisation, recruit the team and outline expectations.

Yet, if you build a team of leaders, you are developing a self-sustaining organisation.

You are building something that can function without you.

Because you are not the thing. You are not the beacon that is lighting the way. If they are following you, as soon as you step away, they will step away too.

Rather, step out from the front, and go alongside them. Give each of them a torch so that they can help you define the path. Give them accountability to the thing that you are all pitching in on, and empower them to make an impact.

This way, if you do step away, or better still, if they begin to overtake you, the journey carries on.

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