Cold Showers.

Cold showers suck.

And that’s why I think you should have more of them.

Every single day for the last 3 and a half years, I have had a cold shower. Summer through to winter, I have committed myself to this habit.

And trust me when I say that it has gotten easier… But it still sucks.

Some days are certainly tougher than others. Especially when the weather outside gets a little colder and it’s a little harder to get out of bed in the mornings. There are of course times when I don’t want to jump in and it would be far easier not to.

Yet I know that in doing this, I am pursuing a greater version of myself. It is a constant that I can rely on. Regardless of how I feel, or what the day may bring, I know that this practice is the best way to start my day. It is something that I have complete control over.

I am intentionally building mental fortitude.

Having built this routine and made it a non-negotiable, I have anchored it to the start of my day. Now, it’s something that I don’t compromise on.

There are multiple reasons for why I have formed this habit, both physiological and psychological*:

  • Enhanced immune response
  • Increased metabolic rate and brown adipose tissue
  • Greater feeling of wellbeing
  • Improved circulation

I have a routine before and after the shower, where I focus on my breathing, on my movement and on my mindset.

When I jump out of the shower, I feel great. I have undertaken the hardest thing that the morning is likely to throw at me. Partner this with a breathing and movement practice, and you have a nice little routine that you can kickstart your day with.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

*for scientific research/ studies, hit me up. 

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