Habits Compound.

The habits and behaviour we want to exhibit is reflective of the person we want to become.

If we want to create a new habit, we must integrate it into our lifestyle and build consistency.

The paradox of small actions is that although they are small, over time these actions create a big impact.

Whether it is making the bed every day, brushing our teeth, getting in 15min of movement or meditating for 5min before bed, the principle is the same…

Build frequency and nail those small actions.

Then we begin to leverage the power of the compounding effect.

We build momentum. We transcend our past state and move forward. We shift closer to the person we want to become.

The progress isn’t always visible. The shift is often slow.

But it’s there.

If we make a commitment to seeking that improvement, and have the willingness to act, we will see that change.

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