Metaphorically Speaking…

When we coach at Virtus, we often use metaphors. We do this to communicate an instruction or concept in a way that is easy to understand.

Metaphors reduce the complexity of a concept or idea. It relates this concept to a common or easy to understand analogy. It compares one thing to another, to help explain or make sense of it.

It’s not something that is meant to be taken literally.

It is a figure of speech.

We use them to express ourselves. We can get creative with them. For example, if I wanted to describe the sky on a clear night:

“The stars are sparkling diamonds in the sky.”

But sometimes when we try to use a metaphor to communicate a point, it gets lost in translation.

We need to be able to speak to others in a language that they understand. In a way that relates to them.

Sometimes we need directness. To tell it as it is.

But most of all, we need to understand who we are speaking to. We need to understand their worldview and how they communicate.

We need to connect with others, so that nothing gets lost in translation.

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