Are you a Sheep or a Wolf?

Sheep or wolf?

Do you follow the status quo and do what you are told without question? Do you let others determine your path?

Or are you a trail blazer? Do you question what is and ask “what if”?

A wolf isn’t a being that preys on sheep. They are simply the ones who tread their own path. They lead.

In saying this, I want it to be clear that there is nothing wrong with being led. If you believe in the values of your tribe and there is a competent leader forging the path, step back and make your unique contribution to the movement.

But if you are following blindly, in dissatisfaction and ignorance, it might be time to ask… “Why?”

Why am I just doing what I’m told? Why are we doing things this way, when this other way is better? Why aren’t I speaking up?

Now is the time.

It’s time to disrupt how things are done and create new, innovative ways to do things. Now is the time to create the meaningful difference that you’ve wanted.

Be a wolf.

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