This planet is not terra firma. It is a delicate flower and it must be cared for. It’s lonely. It’s small. It’s isolated, and there is no resupply. And we are mistreating it. Clearly, the highest loyalty we should have is not to our own country or our own religion or our hometown or even to ourselves. It should be to, number two, the family of man, and number one, the planet at large. This is our home, and this is all we’ve got.

// Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter was one of the first humans to ever go into space.

On 24th May 1962, his Aurora 7 space capsule flew into orbit and circled the Earth three times.

The above passage was his response after glimpsing the Earth from orbit. He got views of our beautiful planet that no one had ever seen before. This new perspective changed how Scott thought of the world and how we should treat it.

We are victim to our own perception. To our own “worldview”.

(No pun intended)

We only see the world through our own two eyes. It’s tough to see the world from anyone else’s viewpoint. It’s hard to understand why they think, behave and speak the way they do.

It requires some deep empathy work. To put yourself into another’s shoes and take a walk.

It’s demanding work, but well worth it.

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