Playing It Safe.

Are you playing it safe? Are you denying the world the value that you can provide? Are you staying within your “comfort zone” because it’s safe and it’s easy?

It is hard to push the edges of what we can really do. It’s hard. It’s sticky. It’s tough to explore those edges.

But I think it might be worth it.

Imagine if every single person in the world really tried to actualise their peak expression? Imagine what we could achieve?!

If everyone strove to reach their full potential, imagine the support and empathy we would have for each other? Everyone on their own unique journey, experiencing the highs and lows, yet everyone is there for one another because we understand what it’s like. We have all been through it.

This isn’t out of our reach. This could be our reality. It is our reality.

There is so much potential within us. The only constraints that are present are the ones we place on ourselves.

All it requires is some curiosity, bravery and commitment.

Then we get to work.

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