And We’re Back.

After a little hiatus, we’re back on the daily!

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. And, to be honest, I haven’t really missed it. I have been busy creating other content and diving into my new role at Virtus. There’s been a lot happening.

I find that when I am in a place of scarcity (in terms of resources such as energy or time), my writing is one of the things to fall aside. I wasn’t excited to write, so I let the habit drop.

There’s a time for driving a desired behaviour or habit when it get’s hard, and times when you need to take a step back.

So I didn’t force it and I gave myself some space.

While there have been other things that I have directed my focus toward, I’m ready to get back on the wagon. The content that I have been creating has sparked some new ideas and I have found the excitement again.

On that note, stay tuned. There’s some good stuff coming.

What a time to be alive.

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