Power of Change.

Change is scary.

Whether it is driven by you, or you are confronted with it externally, there is a riskiness to it. You don’t really know how it will go, or what the outcome will be.

But there is power in this. Let me explain.

When you undergo “change”, you are confronted with uncertainty. With adversity. There will be tension. It will influence your decision making and will challenge your commitment to your pursuit.

It’s going to be hard. It will be sticky.

But we will survive. We will adapt and evolve to the demands imposed on us. We will transform into a version of ourselves that is more capable of dealing with challenges.

We become resilient.

And there is utility in being resilient. It is useful. And we are more prepared to seek out experiences or opportunities that continue to challenge us.

This is far more rewarding than taking the safe, easy option.

Tomorrow morning, I am running a workshop based on the Power of Change.

If you are interested, I have had two spots open up (due to cancellations). Message me if you would like to get involved.

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