Where are your Blindspots?

It’s easy to stay in our lane, to do what we are good at and lean into our strengths. We naturally turn to what we are good at and approach problems from this angle. Of course, there is value in this.

But we often reach a certain point where our strengths will only carry us so far.

Where our normal approach doesn’t work anymore. It might be when we get to a stage in our career, when we are trying to get a project off the ground, or trying to achieve a new PR in the gym.

We hit a plateau.

This is why we need to expose our blindspots. To vulnerably seek out the areas in where we have weaknesses.

Once we have visibility on these blindspots, we can begin taking action to patch them up.

Sometime’s it can be an ah-ha moment…

“Why didn’t I think of this before?”

“It’s so obvious!”

The problem we were trying to fix didn’t need more of the same approach. It needed a different approach.

So if you feel like you are hitting your head up against a wall, or if you feel like the approach you are using isn’t working, it might be time to mix it up. Expose your edges, seek some adversity so that you may become more resilient, robust and well-rounded.

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