Strong People, Strong Culture.

Culture seems to be the hot thing at the moment. It is the word on everyone’s lips. People seek out jobs or clubs for the “culture”. It is something that people look for when they walk into a gym for the first time. They seek out cafe’s for the “good vibes”.

It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a group or a place; you instantly feel connected (or disconnected from it).

It is the glue that holds a tribe together. Whether the tribe is a community of like-minded people, a workplace, sporting team or gym, the culture gives this tribe a unique flavour. They do things a certain way. They speak a certain language, dress a certain fashion and believe certain truths.

Culture is something that is created by people over time. It is made up of their beliefs, values and purpose.

By the way, the key word here is people.

A gym won’t have a special culture if there are no people in it.

This is why community and connection are so important. It brings people in and they become a part of something bigger than themselves. They are drawn in and begin to contribute to the culture.

A good culture allows people to come in and feel a sense of belonging. They are able to be themselves and pursue their peak expression, whatever that looks like. It empowers them and connects them with others who are also in pursuit.

It can be a tough thing to build but once you have all the ingredients, it’s the easiest thing to sustain.

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