Rebuild (Pt 1).

How do you know when to persist or to cut your losses?

Whether it’s a business, project, sport or relationship, when do you decide that it’s no longer worth your time or effort. That the energy that you would put into it would be better placed elsewhere?

The answer is I have no idea.

It’s a question that has no clear answer. I guess the closest thing would be that it depends. Personally, I would ask myself a series of questions to determine whether I should stick with something or leave it…

How much have you already invested in this thing? Money, time, energy, etc.

Can I see myself still pursuing it in a month’s time? A years time? 3 years?

Does it bring me joy, fulfilment, meaning and connection?

Is it challenging me to become a better version of myself?

If the answer’s to these questions are no, then maybe the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore.

It’s time to rebuild.

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