Rebuild (Pt 2).

So you’ve just decided to cut your losses and ditch a project/business/relationship. It sucks and it might have been hard to make the call, but it was time to move on.

It wasn’t bringing you the same joy and satisfaction that it had in the past. It was extra effort to put in the work. You began to resent it and that showed in the outcome. The juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

You have changed, so your priorities and values have also changed.

It’s time to rebuild.

Yet, you are not necessarily starting from square one. You have your past experiences and lessons to draw upon in building your new project. You transcend and include your past endeavours.

You now have the opportunity to build something new, exciting and meaningful.

Something that is close to your values and to your vision. Rebuild it according to the blueprint you have in your mind. Of course, you will need to be adaptive to changing requirements and circumstances, and you will face adversity. But this is just another opportunity to withstand challenges and move forward.

So… is it time to rebuild?

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