Hold Steady.

When we are in pursuit of our goals, we can be certain that we will encounter adversity.

Never has any successful human gone through their life without moments of hardship and struggle. It is a part of the journey. What makes those humans successful is their commitment to the pursuit and the way they overcome difficult times.

Did they quit? Or did they push on, including the lessons they learnt along the way to continue on the march toward their dream.

We must hold steady in the face of adversity. Do not waver.

Exposing ourselves to challenges that stretch our current capacity, is a sure fire way to build resilience. Resilience is what’s required when we encounter adversity, as we surely will.

Even better is if we consciously seek out adversity. When we willingly seek out challenging situations, we have the opportunity to become more capable to reach our peak expression. That is, our capacity to perform increases.

How can you seek out adversity? Do you have the courage to pursue your peak expression?

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