Leaning In.

Over the last couple of months, I have created, organised and facilitated a workshop.

The workshop is for people who are facing uncertainty, change and are pursuing the best version of themselves. We get vulnerable with one another and seek out truth. It’s hard, yet extremely valuable work.

It’s tough to willingly embrace change and discomfort. I can speak from experience that the pursuit of excellence is challenging.

It will require you to commit to the process and to lean in.

To everyone who attended the Power of Change workshop, I applaud you. You are building self-awareness of the edges of what you are capable of. It’s daunting to seek those edges; you don’t really know what you might find there. Yet, you’ve leant in. You chose to attend a seminar that will challenge you and make you uncomfortable, but you embraced the experience.

And you have come out the other end a more capable, resilient human.

To those who want the opportunity to experience this process, I would love to connect with you. Hit reply and we can chat.

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