Here’s The Thing.

I don’t care what you are capable of when you are at your best.

I want to know who you are and what you’re capable of when adversity mounts against you.

We have a tendency to define ourselves by our peak moments – moments that make up a minuscule fraction of our existence.

When the conditions are perfect, and we are in flow, it feels like the universe is on our side. Yet, these moments are rare and often fleeting.

Meanwhile we suffer through needless self-induced torment when our ‘normal’ days fall short of these peak memories.

I want to see your condition on a normal day, when everything feels hard and we have to battle. This is where our resilience and capability shines through.

Yes, we live for those moments of pure awesomeness.

But, don’t forget the common moments. Because that is an opportunity to re-define our new normal.

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