The Masks We Wear.

In our lives, we wear different masks.

We take on roles that fit within the context that we place ourselves in.

Whether it is at work, with our family, our partner or friendship group, we assume different roles. These masks either attempt to portray us in the best light possible (i.e. how we want to be seen) or to portray us how we think we should be seen.

As Tim Ferriss, puts it…

“Labels that we place on ourselves or others are the masks of our reality.

We act according to how we want others to see us. The issue with this is that we may compromise our values in order to fit these roles. The way we want others to see us may be unnatural.

It may not reflect the truest version of you.

Social media is the perfect example of this. We are able to choose what we curate on our social accounts. The things we choose to post are the versions of us that we want people to see.

Some masks serve us; they may protect us from challenges or threats. They can get us through tough periods or times of tension.

Yet, there are other masks which no longer serve us. They begin to sabotage our efforts or relationships. We may not even know that we wear them!

The lesson here is to look past the masks that we or others wear.

If we can acknowledge when we are wearing a mask that isn’t serving us, we can begin to explore:

  • Why am I wearing this?
  • Is this the truest version of me?
  • Am I being my most authentic self?

Only then can we unlock our deepest potential.

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