Energy Generation.

When we consider our life, there are outputs and inputs of energy.

Work, training, spending time with others could be considered outputs*. We expend energy to be present and tip into these things. In order to fully show up, we need to generate or restore our energy.

Out ability to cultivate energy feeds into everything that we do. How we approach our work, our relationships, our training, even our down time relies on how and when we generate energy.

Energy Generation is a concept introduced and emphasised to me by John Marsh, a mentor that I have been working closely with this year in the Access Potential Academy.

When we can recognise and bring attention to how we show up in our life, we can be more intuitive as to when we need to recharge. In a world that is so demanding, with so many outputs, we have to prioritise our energy generation. To serve our tribe the best we can and do our greatest work, we can’t do it with a glass half full.

We must practice impeccability in how we generate personal energy.

The ways we cultivate energy or recharge, can be considered inputs.

For me, it’s space (to breath, to reflect, to think), good food and hydration, sleep, time in the sun and a positive environment (i.e. where I spend my time).

The way we show up and perform in our life depends on our practices to generate energy.

What gives you energy? Are you spending enough time on these practices?

I’d love to hear what works for you. Hit reply and let me know.

*These areas could be both outputs and inputs. We simply need to be aware enough to know when to put our foot down on the gas, or just show up.

This post was inspired by the work of a friend of mine in the APA. Check out Phaon’s post here.

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