Coaching vs Training

There’s a big difference between training an individual and coaching them.

The fitness industry for example, is full of trainers. Full of them. Go to any gym, anywhere, and you will find a team of PT’s ready to train you. They will give you the work to do and they’ll motivate you to do it. (Note: often this motivation is extrinsic, it doesn’t speak to us on a deeper level. It won’t sustain us).

Training is doing the work. Coaching is asking the right questions.

A coach will lead you in the right direction. It’s someone who may not know the answer, but will work with you and empower you to seek them out. It’s about connection. With the person, their goals and dreams, and with the process. By facilitating the process, giving you a nudge in the right direction when needed, a coach will guide you to your goals.

A coach will generously give you feedback from a place of love. They are invested in your journey and want you to succeed. This investment comes from trust and attention to your needs and goals. The exercise is important, but it’s not the whole picture.

How many trainers do you know that will build trust with (and in) you, understand your story and then build your own ability to lead?

Are you being empowered to take control of your own path?

This post isn’t to talk down about PT’s. It is about re-thinking how we approach the process of helping someone achieve their goals. Sure, training has its place. But when we are talking about leading others through change (physical, personal, professional), who would you rather have in your corner?

P.S. Thanks to those who coach me and allow me to coach them.

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