What’s Possible?

What is possible in your life?

When we think about it, anything is possible. The person we want to become, the job we want, the relationship we want to be in, the house that we desire to live in. Any of these things can become a reality.

If I wanted to become an astronaut, it is absolutely possible. Of course, I will have to apply myself to the pursuit of being an astronaut; 

  • I would have to invest my time and money into it
  • It would require a deep commitment
  • There are things that I would have to give up or sacrifice (my current lifestyle and way of living, relationships, my current job, etc)
  • I would need to learn new skills and obtain knowledge in this craft

These things won’t happen overnight, but if I have a plan in place and are clear on what I need to know, possibility could become reality. All it takes then, is simply bridging that gap through action and intent.

What is it that you want, and how will you make it happen? 

Are you willing to embrace possibility?

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