It’s Our Story.

Every moment, from my earliest memory to the moment I am writing this post. is apart of my “story”.

It’s the narrative of my life.

The narrative that we have lived has coloured the lens through which we view the world, ourselves and our current position. Our beliefs and values have been shaped by this, which in turn determines our actions and trajectory.

Every experience, relationship, success, failure, decision and mistake. It’s one thing that we all have that is completely unique; what got me here, didn’t bring your here.

There is value in owning our story.

It’s easy to reject the parts that put us in a bad light or that we are shameful of, and its easy to glorify or highlight the parts that make us look good. Naturally, we only want to think of these.

We can be generous by sharing our story with others. It builds trust and empathy. It allows others to learn from us, and it gives us the opportunity to reflect on how we have lived. In turn, this generates awareness and can spur action.

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