The Power of Community.

The horrific bushfires that are currently spreading throughout NSW is a sober reminder of how our lives are often bound by our environment.

It would be a horrible thing to lose your home. To be powerless to stop the forces of nature in sweeping through and destroying everything in its path. My heart goes out to all those who have been touched by this devastation.

Whilst, it is a horrible thing to have had happen, this is a stimulus for connection and it highlights the power of community.

Victorian fire departments have lent resources to NSW to support their efforts. The Red Cross have donated supplies to those who have lost everything; food, clothing, shelter. Wildlife shelters and sanctuaries have pitched in to save animals whose homes have been destroyed. “Ordinary” people have donated their own money to help those in need.

The power of community is evident. The love and kindness shown to those who need it most gives me hope. People come together and put the needs of others above their own. It lights me up when I hear these stories of generosity.

The real power here is when we continue this selfless behaviour, going beyond these force majeure events. We can extend acts of kindness to those in our community whether it is obvious that they need it or not.

We can harness the power of community to create powerful change in our society.

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