Mo-vember and Connection.

Last night, I attended a yoga session facilitated by Anna Janssen.

This was a special class.

It was attended exclusively by men with the intent to create raise awareness and funds for male health. More than that it was an opportunity to create space for one another through conversation, movement and stillness.

This movement is pretty powerful. It is breaking down the stigma of male “strength”. It is inviting conversation between members of our community. It is creating a new normal.

This new normal is redefining stereotypes and how we think of masculinity or femininity. When we open our minds to the possibility of what “could be” in our roles as a man or woman, there is a sense of freedom that we can begin to explore. We can show courage and vulnerability by speaking about things that until now have been thought of as “weak” or “unnecessary”.

We can also show empathy and kindness to those around us by simply asking if they are ok. By genuinely showing interest in their wellbeing. By prioritising connection.

So. thank you to all the men and women in my life who are initiating conversation, who are connecting powerfully and showing one another kindness.

This is how we will create the change we want to see in our society.


Whilst I don’t have an active campaign for Movember, I have some special people close to me who are doing amazing things:

Jarryd Palser a.k.a Moo Rooke

Jess Ryan

Matt Wakefield

Ryan Parry

Brendan Densem

Check out their stories, be generous and show your support for these epic humans and a wonderful campaign.

This is an opportunity to speak with those that we care about and connect with them on a new level.

If you or anyone you know needs support, you can contact Lifeline 13 11 14, or beyond blue 1300 224 636

My door is always open to those who want to talk.

Much love.

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