Gratitude is Everything.

Last weekend, I attended the final offline event for the Access Potential Academy run by John Marsh. This was a year long program that has enabled myself and 20 other beautiful humans explore the edges of our capacity, as leaders, creators and business owners.

For me, one of them most powerful moments of the weekend was right at the end.

It was a pretty intensive couple of days. It consisted of some deep work surrounding our goals and projects for the future, as well as some breath, movement and meditation practices. We had spent this time connecting, working and understanding one another on a pretty deep level.

We concluded the retreat with gratitude.

Each of us took turns going around the circle, expressing our gratitude and thanks to the group (and any specific individuals) that had helped us on our journey over the program.

It was a remarkable experience.

Everyone opened their hearts to the group.

It created this energy in the room that was so rich with love and emotion, it was hard not to shed a tear whilst smiling from ear to ear.

We could only achieve this level of connection by being courageous and vulnerable.

Across the year, and culminating in this final weekend, we had built connection and trust. It resulted in a collection of individuals who are all invested in one another’s growth and success.

If you surround yourself with a community of people who are all in the trenches with you, who truly care about you and will go right to the edge with you, you cannot fail.

Start by being generous. Start by being grateful for what you already have in your life. Start by being brave. I’m right there with you.

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