Back On The Horse.

At a time of year when motivation to achieve our goals is high, it is easy to sustain our efforts.

We have set our goals for the year ahead and they are clear in our mind. We are pumped!

So we’ve begun to change our behaviour; we have started running in preparation for the marathon in May. We’ve started to fill our pantries with clean food. We have begun putting aside $100 a week to save for that holiday.

All of this change is positive and moving us in the direction that we want to go in. But this motivation rarely lasts unless it is driven by something intrinsic, by something more than the outcome itself.

Because it will get hard. Eating clean or going for that run will be a lot harder than not doing it. We will feel unmotivated and question whether we should continue in this pursuit. And occasionally we will fall down. We will fail in our objective, we won’t do what we say we will or we will backtrack.

But this is ok. It’s part of the journey. Accepting that it will not always be easy and we sometimes won’t be motivated will help us to move through the sticky times.

Find something deeper to fuel your resolve, something that will help you when the motivation is lacking. Remember why you are setting out to achieve this goal in the first place. And get back on the horse.

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