Invest in Your Development.

How do you invest in your development? How do you consciously grow your container?

When we grow our container, exposing our developmental edges, we create more space for ourselves. Our awareness expands to encompass more. We “evolve” into a more aware, more capable person. This lends itself to our work, relationships, our physical practice and more.

We can always be exploring the edges of our capability. But it is a choice. And that is key.

Choosing to invest in your development isn’t simply showing up to the work mandated seminar or enroling in a course only to do the minimum of what is required. It’s also not just pumping money into courses or programs.

You invest in your development by choosing to explore your edges. By signing up for something that will be hard and committing to the process. By having tough conversations about things that matter. By surrounding yourself with inspiring, driven people. By committing to showing up and contributing.

When you choose to do this, you are already at the edge. The next step is to keep going.

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