Principles of Performance.

Last night, we held the first Principles of Performance seminar at Virtus Performance. Run by Coach Cam Elliott, this is an opportunity for our athletes to understand the methods and principles behind their training.

Attended by a group of our VGT and VAD athletes, Cam spoke to us about the mechanisms behind creating adaptation in our training, as well as reasons that we get injured and how to manage these factors.

Intention and intensity are two factors that can drive adaption.

When we come into the gym to train, or when we arrive anywhere to do anything, we need to arrive with intent. If we come in with a negative mindset and still expect to train the house down, we are not setting ourselves up for success. We need to come in with the intention to give 100% of our focus to that session.

Intensity will be dictated by our intent, as well as our readiness to perform on that given day. Life happens outside of the gym. Often things that are outside of our control effect how we feel and behave. Therefore, we need to take this into account when we train by regulating the intensity of our session. Cam taught us about the Rate of Perceived Exhaustion (RPE) scale, which is a useful subjective scale that we can use in-session to rate intensity.

Principles of Performance will be held on the first Monday of every month at Virtus HQ. Every month, the seminar will focus on different principles behind the way we coach, program and train at Virtus. These seminars are open to everyone, whether you are a member of Virtus or not.

If you would like to learn more about Virtus and our methods, I would love to invite you along.

Click here to see details of the seminars and to reserve your spot.

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