Describe Blue.

Describe to me the colour “blue”.

Hard isn’t it?

Blue is more of a concept than a tangible thing. If you were to say that blue is the colour of sky, and I hadn’t seen the sky before, that description would be meaningless. If you were to say that blue is the feeling of coolness or cold, again that has a different meaning between people.

Additionally, the way we communicate all of a sudden becomes very important. The words we use must be chosen with care in our attempt to accurately describe this abstract thing. We could get extremely specific with tones, spectrums, hues, etc, but even if we think that we have nailed our description of it, we still may miss the mark.

This is because colour is subjective. It holds different meaning to each of us, based on our interpretation of it. Our perception of colour and the emotions they evoke are still very individualised.

My idea of blue is probably different to yours. So what is it?

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